Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Knitting Update- baby knitting

So I have been busy knitting since right before baby boy was born (we still haven´t found a name for him).

I knit a blanket for him. Using KnitPicks Comfy Sport.

Hat and socks for a friend that just had a baby. The socks are made with KnitPicks wool of the Andies sport

Finished another block in the Miter Cross blanket using left over of Lambs Pride Worsted and Cascade Ecological.

Been spinning with my KnitPicks spindle Fiber I got from The Wacky Windmill. 

Still sticking to not buying any yarn and haven´t spent any money on my knitting in over a year and a half! So proud of myself and my stash is slowly getting smaller with each project I make. I have had to get very creative with my yarns and colors to make the things I want to make.

Sorry about the pic quality. Hubby forgot our camera at my brother´s.

What do you have on the needles these days?


  1. Fingerless mitts that only need thumbs and a pair of boot socks for my daughter. My stash is shrinking but the spinning stash isn't moving very fast to replace it.

    1. I guess when you run out of yarn you will have to start spinning more. LOL


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