Friday, November 16, 2012

52 Week Challenge- Cloth Diapers

OK so I had already done these and forgot to blog about it but since I gave birth to a giant. My little, big man grew out of a lot of his diapers straight away. I maybe washed the size one AppleCheeks 12 times, if that, since I had disposables I was trying to use before he outgrew them which I didn't manage to do. I had one package of newborn disposables that he never fit into (I tried) then I bough a package of number 1s while I was healing from birth, and then I had 2 boxes of #2 Nature Babycare Chlorine-Free ECO Diapers, Which are my favorite disposable since they are biodegradable and almost NEVER leak. But he outgrew them when I still had 2 packages left so they were given to a friend that had a baby 5 weeks before I had mine LOL. Like I said I gave birth to a almost 12lbs giant.

Anyway, Now I have decuttered the cloth diaper cabinet and we are now using size 2 of AppleCheeks even though my little boy is only 6 weeks but he is also17+lbs. The size one just didn't fit around his chubby thighs.

Don't have a before but I do have an after pic. Now I just need to find someone to buy my newborn prefolds that were never used just washed and 2 xsmall Thirsties covers that were never used just washed and sell my 12 AppleCheeks #1 covers. So getting rid of things is part of my decluttering so I'm pretty proud.


  1. Hello, I found your blog through a google search as I am looking to purchase some used Applecheeks diapers. I am not sure where you are (I am in Canada), but if you are interested in selling any, please email me at kmayuk at hotmail dot com. Thanks :)

    1. All I have is the size one diapers and I´m only selling the shells not the inserts. If you want them then I´m selling them at $9 each.


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